Our Games

Taia Arcana (WIP)

Bullet is an experimental dual-stick shoot-em-up bullet-hell game augmented with great mechanics and elements from action-RPGs. It features the basic four elements air, water, earth, and fire as weaponry. Combine any two elements to form a secondary element. Each weapon has a unique primary attack and special ability.

Release Date Coming “SOON”

Platforms PC, Mac OSX, Linux, and consoles

Umbrella (WIP)

Umbrella is an emotional, atmospheric story following the journey of a lone, young, artistic woman who travels through a city in an attempt to reveal a painful forgotten past and to discover what exactly has happened to the world. It will play as a traditional puzzle-platformer but will heavily rely on the story to drive it’s mechanics, art, and music.

Release Date Coming “SOON”

Platforms PC, Mac OSX, and Linux!

Genre Puzzle Platformer

Lawnmower Challenge

Lawnmower Challenge is a lock-and-key, path-finding, puzzle game inspired by classic games from the ’80s. The goal of the game is to mow all the tiles of grass in as few moves as possible. The levels, divided into squares and broken into smaller sections with wooden fences, are studded with mower-impassable perils such as rocks and mud. Keys are scattered in the grass which grant access to locked areas. While players can walk over the mud tiles, seeds must be collected and planted to cross them with the mower.

Release Date April 2012

Platforms iOS, Android, and Amazon devices

Genre Puzzle/Brain

Awards PAX East Indie Showcase 2012

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