It's been over 2 years since the release of my first game, Lawnmower Challenge, and over a year since the sequel was actively being worked on. The sequel, which will feature a panda instead of a lawnmower, is nearly complete and has been in that state for a very long time. It's finally time to push through the last 10% which means I need to find a talented programmer who can help. Continue reading

Retry is a free-to-play retro-styled one-button side-scrolling game developed by Rovio and is available for iOS and Android. The game seems to be heavily inspired by Flappy Bird in its styling, no-remorse difficulty, and controls. The goal of the game is to carefully control an airplane's flight path from one hangar to another with the ultimate goal of getting to the final hangar in each stage. The tricky part is the difficulty of controlling the airplane without crashing into obstacles that litter the path. Holding the button will cause the plane to do loop-de-loops - tapping it just right will cause it to glide in a relatively straight line. The most interesting thing about Retry is the way it utilizes habit formation to encourage (and perhaps trick) players to spending money on IAP. Continue reading

It's nearly been a year since my last post, which happened to be about DIY on-the-cheap white-boards, but I'm back now with a desire to at least write one more post. I don't know how long I'll be keeping this new found desire to write going. Continue reading

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