October 11, 2013

New Art!

Markus and I have been hard at work creating some new scenery and animations for Project Umbrella. You may have seen some of our work on our Tumblr, TIGsource, or IndieDB but we’re giving an early preview of our newest scene right on our technical blog. We know – it’s not really technical but hey, who cares, it’s beautiful.

Double extended cottage scene. Click for full resolution.

The Cottage Story

In the prologue of the story, our heroine starts off in quaint little cottage preparing tea for her grandmother who is seen knitting a scarf in her rocking chair. After serving hot tea to her grandmother, whom she loves dearly, she decides to take a walk to the daisy fields and exits the cottage. She could only take a few steps before her grandmother opens the door and asks her to take an umbrella with her because it looks as if it’ll storm. Our heroine politely rejects the offer and assures her grandmother that she will be back soon and that she should not worry.

Our heroine walks quietly on the beaten dirt path towards the fields – all the while taking in the beauty nature. She arrives at the fields, takes a deep breath, and kneels down to pick flowers to take back home. She is intently focused on picking flowers. Unknowingly to her, the natural beauty around her starts to wither and withdraw into the dark woods nearby. The sky subtly turns darker. The decay accelerates. She is still oblivious to her surroundings. She raises her head up and notices something is very wrong. Rolling, dark storm clouds are visible in the sky and are approaching quickly. Worried, our heroine stands up briskly, drops her flowers, and starts running back home.

As the cottage pulls into view, our heroine slows to a sluggish pace and we can see that the cottage is now in utter ruins. There wasn’t a shred of evidence that anyone lived there. She walks closer to the rubble and finds the umbrella her grandmother got for her on her 5th birthday. Not sure what else to do, she calls out for her grandmother and listens intensely to the eerie silence. Nothing.

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Searching for a Programmer

It's been over 2 years since the release of my first game, Lawnmower Challenge, and over a year since the sequel was actively being worked on. The sequel, which will feature a panda instead of a lawnmower, is nearly complete and has been in that state for a very long time. It's finally time to push through the last 10% which means I need to find a talented programmer who can help. Continue reading

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