October 13, 2013

Lately on /r/gamedev, there has been a steady and noticeable increase in the number of posts about personal development streams. I brought up an idea with my fellow moderators as well as some other prominent community participants/contributors and we all agreed that eventually we’d want to have a single place to put all of these. We weren’t sure how to go about it though but I knew it definitely needed to show the status of each stream on demand. After some searching on google, I found a nice project that accomplishes just what we were looking for and used it as a base. From there, I formated a new web page under my Amazon S3 hosting account, tweaked the original code to suit our specific needs, and added it to the /r/gamedev sidebar.

In an attempt to try to keep neutral, I’ve removed the navigation menu on the streamer listing page and tried to automate as much as possible. However, one thing that I could not automate completely was the adding of new twitch channels to the list. To make sure that people are actually game developers and usually streaming game development I will be curating the list and making judgment calls about streamers’ content. I’d really like for this to take off and for more people to get comfortable with streaming their game development. I know for sure that Lunar Enigma and co will be streaming in the near future. For now the streaming API only supports twitch but I may add link and status support for other streaming sites in the future.

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