November 15, 2013

This time I would like to talk more about the tools behind Taia Arcana.


First in the tools list is PlayMaker. I touched on this in the last post. We are using PlayMaker to setup a visual design platform to create bullet patterns. They can be complicated and a bit nested at times. But since it also allows for a more modular approach you just use the building blocks to create what you think is cool. Being able to see how its working really reduces the time it takes to get feedback on ideas.


Next up is Retiled an in house tool parses files from Tiled to get them into Unity. It does more than just put textures on meshes and draw renderers. Tiled offers properties at many levels that provide ease of scripting in the editor or at runtime. This lets the artist/design quickly set properties to make in game scripting fire without worrying about how it works.


Tiled deserves its own category. The power behind this tool is really amazing. It is a free open source project that can be found here.

Sprite Lamp

Last but not least is Sprite Lamp. This is a 2D lighting tool that just recently popped on the radar but proves to be an amazing asset. Sprite Lamp is running through a very impressive Kickstarter at this time. We are working closely with the developer to have the opportunity to use this product for Taia. Below you can see some early sample artwork after being run through Sprite Lamp. It should help set the mood. Enjoy!

Vertical Cel-Shaded
Vertical Non-Cel

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